Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Diwali Bunting

I always save Indian wedding cards because they’re so decorative and can be repurposed into lots of fun crafts.

Today I decided to make a Diwali Bunting out of them. 

1.)  Fold the parts of the cards you want to use in half.  (Note: For this project it is best to use the invitations that are printed on cardstock and not the thinner, translucent, fibrous paper that many cards are made out of, because they are too flimsy to reliably stay on your ribbon or string).

2.) Use a small bowl to trace a semicircle onto one of the folded cards.

3.) Cut it out.

4.) Now use this semicircle as your pattern and trace and cut out as many divas (lamps) as you want.

5.) Then cut out your flames.  I cut mine out separately and didn’t use a pattern but if you want a more uniform look, cut out one flame and then trace it for the rest of your lamps.

6.) Glue the flames to the ends of the lamps, on the backside of the semicircle, alongside the folded edge.

7.) Once your lamps are all assembled, pick a colorful piece of string or ribbon to hang them by.  Slide the ribbon into the opening of the lamp and then glue each lamp shut around the ribbon.

8.) You’re all set!  Find a spot to hang your bunting.

You can do this annually, with each family member making their own lamp and adding it to the bunting.