Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Halloween Toys

Here are some easy Halloween toys to make for your kids.

Ghost- This takes about five minutes to make.  Cut an old white sock just below the heel, making the cut a little wavy for the bottom of the ghost.  Stuff the ghost with the other half of the sock and sew it shut.  Then add eyes and a mouth, (I used old wool felt scraps), and you’re done!

Jack-o-lanternCut the shape of a pumpkin out of an old 100% cotton men’s shirt.  (I never use men’s clothes that are wrinkle free because they are coated in PFOAs and I don’t want my children touching that).  Stuff the pumpkin with old fabric scraps and sew it shut, adding black wool felt eyes and a mouth and a brown stem.

For year-round fun, you can leave the backside of the pumpkin as is so it can be used in the play kitchen.

Witch – This one was the most time consuming of the bunch.  Cut the witch’s body out of an old cotton men’s shirt.

I really don’t know much about sewing so I just estimated the black wool felt for her clothes, hair and hat without tracing a pattern and sewed them on.  I used the navy blue and green collar of the shirt for the broom, cutting a one inch wide strip out for the broom handle and a little square for the bristles.  I folded the strip in half and sewed it together.  Then I folded the two top corners of the square down to form a triangle at the top and sewed that to the broom handle.  I cut slits into the square to make my bristles and then sewed the whole thing to the witch.

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