Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Non-Toxic Baby Toys

Haba Baby Toys

My two favorite brands for non-toxic, responsibly made toys are PlanToys and Haba.

Haba wooden toys are made in Germany and follow strict European standards. PlanToys are made responsibly in Thailand out of the wood of rubber trees that no longer yield latex and are going to be cut down. Like Haba, they use strict standards to ensure they are non-toxic and several of their toys are actually dyed with plant and mineral dyes rather than man-made colors.
Haba Hippo Car

The Haba Magica Rattle was a hit in our family, although it isn't really a rattle that makes sounds.  The vibrantly colored balls make a great clutching toy for a baby though and it can be moved into different shapes.  The Toot Toot rattle makes a little more noise than the Magica Rattle and its colors and shapes occupy a baby nicely.
The Cro-ak Clutching toy makes a fun sound for babies when shaken, as do the Max Stroller Clutching Toy and the other Haba clutching toys with bodies made out of wooden discs.
Haba's Baby's First Blocks are great beginner blocks.  Our son liked to chew on them when he was a baby so we would just remove them from him when he did that.  They may be non-toxic but I still didn't want him accidentally biting off a piece of the blocks.  They do have corners that you should watch out for when your child first starts walking because if they fall on the blocks they could get hurt.

Haba Baby's First Blocks
PlanToys makes wonderful toys for babies and older children.  I will cover more of them in future posts but one of my son's favorite toys when he was younger was their solid wood drum.  We removed the stick that comes with the drum and only gave it to him when he was old enough to not put it in his mouth or hurt himself in another way with it.  The drum still makes noise without it and he had a great time hitting it with his hands and seeing the different toned sounds he could make by hitting the drum in different spots.

Both brands are easily available on sites like,, and Zulily (a couple times a year).  I always compare prices and look for deals.  Zulily can have incredible deals on large scale play items from PlanToys like their kitchen pieces, despite the fact that you have to pay for shipping.  Amazon often drops the prices on their toys when they are running low on stock.  Yoyo has sales on PlanToys several times a year and first time customers can save 20% off their entire order, up to $20 off, so you can also compare what the price would be if you bought several toys at once in your first order with them.

miYim makes several adorable soft stuffed toys for children out of organic cotton, (although the stuffing isn't organic cotton).  Among our family's favorites are a musical pull toy owl, a musical pull toy elephant, baby sized monkey and elephant stuffed animals, caterpillar and bee stroller toys that jingle, and toys in the shapes of produce that make a dull rattling sound when shaken.  They are made in China and are not totally organic but they are soft and the pull toys' music sounds like a gentle wind-up music box rather than a noisy electronic toy.  You can find great deals on these toys at Amazon.

Aminals Brand stuffed toys are made out of 100% unbleached organic cotton.  The toys are based off of children's drawings and are dyed with vegetable dyes.  The toys are even fully compostable once they've lived their life and are too battered to donate.  These are larger toys though and are too big and heavy for younger babies. 

Check back for more wooden toy recommendations for push and pull toys, play kitchen sets, blocks, doll houses, toys that involve shapes and puzzles, toys that help develop fine motor skills and more.

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