Sunday, November 17, 2013

Organic Mint Plant

Growing your own organic mint plant is easy and a great way to teach kids about parts of a plant, and how a plant grows.

1.) Instead of buying a mint plant, take a stem from an organic mint bunch that you can purchase in the produce section of grocery stores.
2.) Put the stem in a jar of water.
3.) Change the water daily.
4.) In 2-3 weeks you will start to see roots forming.
5.) Wait until the roots are each an inch or longer and then pot your plant.  Mint is very fast-growing and can take over garden beds like a weed so potting is best.  Potting it separately also helps to keep your plant organic, keeping it away from the pesticides and herbicides most people use in their garden* and it makes it easier for your mint plant to survive indoors in winter.  I make sure my plastic pots are a safe plastic (#5, 4, 2, or 1), and use organic soil to retain the organic quality of the plant.

*There will be more information on why and how to avoid herbicides and pesticides in your garden in an upcoming post.  New posts every Monday and Thursday.

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