Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Repurposing Old Wedding Invitations

Instead of throwing out those old wedding invitations that pile in the mail in summer, I repurpose them into new cards, cutting up old cards, gift wrap, and magazines into new designs.


1.) Pay attention to weight. You don’t want to make your cards too heavy and end up paying more than standard postage for them. I bought a box of A2 envelopes and keep all my cards small enough to fit in there. The size limitation helps limit the card’s weight as well.

2.) I try to use as much of the original card as possible. You can break apart envelopes and remove the decorative lining. And in cards with a lot of writing on them, you can always cut around the words to get nice borders.

3.) I glue cards together, written side facing in, to get a blank surface to work on. Occasionally this isn’t possible so I use cardstock instead.

4.) If you’re reusing the thinner invitations that feel pulpy, Elmer’s glue will show through most of them, and sometimes soak through the thin paper too.

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  1. Wonderful post even I would say one thing that whole blog is fabulous. These cards are very beautiful . In India, wedding plays a very special role in everyone’s life. Wedding invitation is one of the most important parts of planning marriage ceremonies . Keep Blogging.

  2. I must say this is indeed a lovely post. I loved the impressive wedding cards and the ways in which one can repurpose them. I wonder why many people do not make the best use of old wedding cards. Atleast people who understand the significance of recycling and reusing should focus on this trend further.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully the trend of repurposing beautiful cards like yours catches on.