Sunday, December 29, 2013

Card Table Fort: India Theme

Front entrance to the Indian themed fort
I bought yellow polyester felt by the yard from JoAnn Fabrics to fit my card table.  I measured from the floor, up to the table, across the table, and then back down to the floor again on the parallel side.  I then measured the length from the horizontal side of the table's edge down to the floor, and multiplied it by two to figure out how much fabric I needed for the fort.  The rolls of felt were on sale for around 30% off so the total cost of the fabric ended up being around $9.


I then bought their individual squares of polyester felt in various shades to make my peacock, curtains, (the door was made from the extra fabric leftover from the ocean fort), bougainvillea, plumeria, jasmine bush, foliage, house plants and faucet, mynah bird, koyal bird, parrot, lotus, pond, cow, elephant and lizard.  I ended up spending a few more dollars for these squares, so the total cost of the fort was under $13. 

Side of the fort: A garden with holy basil, cilantro and curry leaf, and a koyal bird in a tree.
I used a Sharpie Stained fabric pen to write the Marathi names of the plants in the garden on the pots.
 I cut the length of the horizontal sides off the length of fabric I had and then cut that in half, one for each horizontal side.  I sewed the sides onto the sides of the center of the remaining fabric so that they would fall to the sides of the table and all four sides would be covered.

Back of the fort with bougainvillea, and a cow and elephant. 

Side of fort.  Plumeria tree, parrot at a pond with a lotus, mynah bird and a lizard.
Mynah and Parrot

I cut slits for entrances and rectangular windows out and then added all my Indian animals and the landscape.  My son and his friends love to play in this fort and the ocean themed fort.

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