Sunday, December 15, 2013

Card Table Fort: Ocean

The front of the fort with a mermaid, merman, octopus and snail.

1.) To make the ocean themed fort, I bought blue polyester felt by the yard from JoAnn Fabrics to fit my card table.  

  • I measured from the floor, up to my table, across the table, and then back down to the floor again on the parallel side.  
  • I then measured the length from the horizontal side of the table's edge down to the floor, and multiplied it by two to figure out how much fabric I needed for the two sides of the fort.  
  • The rolls of felt were on sale for around 30% off so the total cost of the fabric ended up being around $9.

2.) I bought individual squares of polyester felt in various shades to make my fish, shark, octopus, mermaid, merman, treasure chest, algae, seaweed, bubbles, snails, shells, crab, oyster, pearl and electric eel.  I ended up spending a few more dollars for these squares, so the total cost of the fort was under $13.  These squares come on sale for 4 for $1 at JoAnn's so my cost would have been even less except that when I bought them they were 33 cents each.

3.)  I cut the length of the horizontal sides off the total length of fabric I had, and then cut that in half, one for each horizontal side.  

4.) I sewed the two horizontal sides onto the sides of the center of the remaining fabric so that they would fall to the left and right side of the table, and all four sides would be covered.

5.) I cut slits for entrances and circular windows out and then added all my ocean creatures and the landscape.

The view from inside the fort.
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Coming up in the next three weeks: reusable gift wrap and gift bags, a mini Fox bag for kids, my second card table fort, which has an Indian theme, how to decrease your family's exposure to PBDEs, and some more homemade toys.

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