Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reusable Gift Wrap and Gift Bags

You can repurpose old clothes into reusable gift wrap and bags.

If you don't want to sew anything, just stick with the gift wrap.  Cut the sleeves and upper part of the chest off of a top.  I used an old Indian outfit from the early '90s that I had no use for, so it is a big piece of "gift wrap."  But you can do the same with an old shirt as well and use it for smaller presents.

The easiest way to use an old shirt as environmentally friendly, reusable gift wrap, is to just wrap it around a gift and use ribbon to hold it in place.

With my Indian outfit, I turned it inside out and sewed one end shut so it is like a big bag.  You can see the left side of the fabric has been sewn shut in the picture below.  This makes wrapping a little easier and cleaner looking.

 For the gift bags, I cut off parts of the sleeves and pants with one horizontal cut through each leg or arm of the outfit.  
This way two sides of the bag, (the left and right sides), are already sewn together and the end, (which becomes the mouth of the bag), is also already finished.  

Taller gift bags made from pant legs

Smaller gift bags made from sleeves

Then all I had to do was:
1.) turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom closed
2.) fold a strip of the fabric and sew it into the handle
3.) attach the handle to the bag
4.) turn the bag inside out and it was done!

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