Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You've Got Mail: DIY Mailbox, Mailbag and Postcards

 I made a mailbox, mailbag and three postcards in less than 30 minutes for my son.

1.) One or two old shirts.  I used men's shirts for this project.
2.) A fabric ribbon
3.) An empty tissue box
4.) A brad
5.) A piece of cardboard
6.) A red crayon
7.) Optional: wool felt, felt, and/or fabric scraps

1.) Cut a small piece of cardboard out from an old box in the shape of a mailbox flag and color it red with a crayon.
2.) Poke a brad through the cardboard and into an old tissue box.  Your mailbox is done!

1.) Start by cutting the sleeve off an old shirt.
2.) Cut off a little bit of a collar, (seen at the top of the picture), off from the same shirt you took the sleeve from or another if you want the flap on the bag to have contrasting color/pattern.  The total length of the collar needed will be about half of the size of the sleeve, (or an inch smaller than the cuff of the sleeve), as seen above.  Make sure you cut a few inches below the collar as well, so that some of the shirt (green in this picture), is also there.
3.) Sew the sleeve shut at the cut-side of the sleeve, (not the cuff), by turning it inside out, pinching the two ends together and sewing it, sealing your bag.
4.) Turn the sleeve back so that it is right-side-out again.  Since the cuff is already finished, simply sew the collar to one side of the sleeve cuff by sewing the extra fabric of the collar to the sleeve, (in my example, that means sewing the all-green part of the collar piece to one side of the cuff)
5.) Sew your ribbon to the two top corners of the sleeve.  I repurposed the ribbon that held together a pack of cloth napkins from Bed Bath and Beyond for my bag.  
6.) Optional: Cut out the word "MAIL" out of felt and sew it to the front of your bag.  Depending on the color of your bag, you could also just write it on there with a Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker.

1.) Using old fabric scraps, wool felt, polyester felt or other bits of the shirt you cut up for the mailbag, cut out a few rectangles to make into your postcards.
2.) Cut stamps out.  They can be as simple as plain rectangles or you can sew shapes, letters, or patterns onto them.
3.) Sew your stamps to your postcards and you're all set!
4.) Optional: you could write on the postcards with fabric markers or embroider names on them if you'd like.  I chose to leave mine blank.  You can just as easily make postcards out of index cards or scrap paper if sewing isn't your thing.

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