Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Toys: Cell Phone

I don't let my son play with our phones or tablets since babies' bodies are so small, their skulls so much thinner, and there isn't a lot of information that states these devices do anything positive for small children who are more susceptible to radiation.  But like most toddlers, he is very interested in our phones and tablets.  So after he kept pretending the tv remote was his phone, I made him one out of the leftover wool felt I had.

There are icons to call family members, including the dog, and icons for Facebook, Google, a web browser, calendar, text messages, camera, and his phone book.  The date on the calendar is my son's birth-date and the time on the clock is his time of birth.  It's a cheap, easy to make toy that provides hours of entertainment.


  1. There are kids' iphone/ipad. But this one looks much more interesting! Great design.