Sunday, February 16, 2014

Klean Kanteens

Klean Kanteen makes great, environmentally friendly stainless steel products for the whole family.  They are lead, BPA and phthalate-free and are responsibly made in China.  Unlike the metal bottles easily available in stores, Klean Kanteens are not lined with any plastic that can leach into your food.  They're just pure stainless steel, a far better option to the aluminum bottles that can leach aluminum into your drinks.

1.) The 12oz water bottle is a great size.  It fits in most car cup holders, as well as in purses and diaper bags. When I was pregnant, I would carry one around in my coat pocket and I always keep one in my diaper bag or when we go to restaurants for my son.  He doesn't know how to drink from a straw yet and never used a sippy cup so it is an easy way to give him water when we are out to eat without wasting a plastic kid's cup from the restaurant.   I prefer the non-painted Kanteens because the acrylic, lead-free paint can chip over the years.  This bottle is available for purchase in stores like REI, at online retailers like Amazon and from Klean Kanteen's website.

2.) The 16oz tumblers are great, although I do wish they came in smaller sizes.  When I contacted Klean Kanteen they told me they do not currently have plans to make the tumblers in smaller sizes.  The tumblers come in a four-pack.  They can seem a bit expensive but because they're stainless steel, they will last you for years if taken care of properly.  We also use these cups to serve my son and his friends their water.

3.) The 18oz Kanteens are quite a bit taller than the 12 oz Kanteens (see the picture above) but they are good for longer trips or outings.  They do get a bit heavy when you're carrying several in a bag but it isn't that inconvenient.  These can be found at the same retailers as the 12oz Kanteens and also a few times a year on sale at Zulily, although you do need to pay shipping so this isn't always the best price.

4.) The insulated Kanteens are great ways to carry your hot or cold drinks.  They keep hot drinks hot for 6 hours and cold ones cold for more than 24 hours.  They are unlined, relying instead on a double wall of stainless steel and vacuum insulation.  These can be found at the same retailers as the 18oz Kanteens and I've gotten great deals on them in December from Klean Kanteen's website, with free shipping on orders over $20.  These are the only Kanteens I get that are painted, since those are the only ones I end up finding on sale.  The mouths of the bottle do not have any paint though so you are only coming into contact with the stainless steel when drinking.  Other family members have had some issues with the bottles retaining the odor of coffee but after a vinegar wash (see below for more information) the smell does go away.

5.) Klean Kanteen makes a sippy cup too, with a BPA free sippy cup mouth that goes over a 12oz bottle.  My son never ended up using this so I just purchased an extra loop cap from Klean Kanteen's website and used that instead of the sippy cap.  But I have several friends whose older children use these bottles when traveling or at school.  In fact, Klean Kanteen now has a whole line of products for babies and children, which can be found here.

Here is more information from Klean Kanteen's FAQs page.  If you feel like your bottle has a metallic odor when you first get it, they have a section in the FAQs that tells you how to easily remove the smell by soaking the bottle in vinegar and water overnight.  I do this to all my Klean Kanteen products after first washing them with a non-toxic dishsoap like Seventh Generation, before their initial use.

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