Sunday, March 9, 2014

Felt Hanuman

Here is how to make the fourth character in my felt Ramayan series: Hanuman.

1.) Cut out the following pieces:

Note: the torso, tail and pants are in duplicate.

2.) Using black thread doubled, sew two eyes and a mouth onto the front of the face, and red for the tikka.
3) Sew the two duplicate torso pieces together using a blanket or whip stitch.
4.) Fold the feet pieces in half and sew them together with a blanket or whip stitch.
5.) Sew the two tail pieces together.
6.) Sew the two gray pants together using a blanket or whip stitch.  You will need to attach the torso at the waist to the pants and attach the feet at the points at the bottom of the pants.
7.) Attach the tail to the back of the pants.
8.) Use a running stitch to attach the yellow crown pieces to the front and back of the head.  
9.) Then sew the pink ears and mouth onto the face. 
10.) Finally, sew the yellow sash over Hanuman's shoulder and you're all done!

RamLakshman, Sita and Hanuman are now done.  Check back for Ravan over the next couple weeks and the set will be complete!

Coming Thursday: a review of Klean Kanteen's new stainless steel food canisters. 

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