Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Non Toxic Toys: Blocks

Blocks these days sure are cuter than the ones I grew up playing with.  
Here are some of our family's favorites:

1.) Haba Baby's First Blocks.  This set of colored blocks is perfect for young children.  They are wooden blocks though so we were careful when our son first started walking because we didn't want him to fall on the sharp corners.

2.) Haba Fantasy Blocks are wonderful heirloom quality blocks with fun patterns and colors that can lead to endless formations.  Like all Haba blocks, they are non toxic and made in Germany.

3.) PlanToys Fairy Tale Blocks come with a mix of Planwood colored blocks and solid wood blocks, a king and queen, two tiny horses and a chariot.  PlanToys are made in Thailand out of environmentally friendly, non toxic wood and paints.  Some of their sets are even painted with paints dyed with minerals and plants.  These blocks are cute and can easily be integrated into the Haba sets.

Happy building and remember to check back here every Monday and Thursday for new posts!

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