Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Klean Kanteen Food Canister

Note: I received a complimentary product for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.
Klean Kanteen is a fantastic, family-owned, eco-conscious company dedicated to providing zero-waste, sustainable food and beverage products.  A member of 1% For The Planet, they donate more than 1% of their sales to nonprofits that work to promote and protect the health of our planet.

I adore Klean Kanteen and have several of their bottles including the 12 oz, 18 oz and their insulated bottles. (See my earlier post on these products here).  So I was excited when I had the opportunity to review their new 8 oz. stainless steel food canister.

Made out of the same great non-toxic, responsibly made stainless steel as their other products, (so it doesn't retain or impart flavors), the canisters are available in two sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz, single-walled or insulated.  All canisters have a 100% stainless steel interior as well.

Klean Kanteen Canister housing pistachios
I found the 8 oz. canister to be the perfect size for packing a snack for my family, and the perfect size to fit in a diaper bag, backpack, purse or cloth lunch bag.  Check out the specs below:
  • Weight (w/lid): 5 ounces (142g)
  • Size (w/lid): 3.2" H x 3.07" W (81mm x 78mm)
  • Opening Diameter: 2.5" (63mm)

Food stayed fresh and undamaged even when on the go thanks to the silicone seal.

And the wide mouth made it roomy enough for a larger snack like a couple of peeled tangerines.  
The Canisters can even be used for storing food like dry fruit, spices, grains herbs and more.  They have an ID Badge on the lid that is marker and grease pencil friendly for easy labeling.  Cleaning the canister was an ease too.  With rounded corners, there was no place for crumbs to get stuck and unlike some other companies' stainless steel products, there was nothing sharp to get nicked on.  This also makes it a good option for kids' lunches.

BPA free, the canister is a nicely designed product that is easy on the eyes and easy on the planet, replacing single use containers and plastic food storage containers that eventually end up in a landfill.  As the proud owner of several Klean Kanteens, I can't wait to add more of these canisters to my collection.

Take the pledge: Go 30 days without single-use plastic, paper or other disposable items here.

Where to purchase:
In addition to Klean Kanteen's website, the Canister and other Klean Kanteen products can be found in stores like REI, or online at retailers like Amazon.

Connect with Klean Kanteen Here:

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  1. I like the bottles so I think I'll give these a shot too.

    1. Great! Let me know what you think of them.

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  3. Have you tried with soup or stew? Do they leak?

    1. I haven't. I don't think these canisters are meant for liquids. I use their insulated bottles for hit liquids. They have a double wall of stainless steel to keep the food at its temperature for a few hours.