Sunday, March 30, 2014

Watermelon Cake

Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered Watermelon Cakes.  These whole food cakes are made out of nothing but fruit.  It's a great dessert to serve at a party.  Kids love it and don't even miss the processed sugar.

To make the cake take one large watermelon and cut the two ends off of it, cutting as much as is needed so that the middle piece you are left with is as cylindrical as possible.  (Sorry.  This was a messy process so I didn't take pictures until it was all done).

Then cut the rind off.

With just a lopsided cylinder of watermelon left, begin shaping it with a knife to make it as round as possible.  My watermelon ended up having a hole in it when I was done cutting so I had to go all Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on it.  Don't worry.  I used extra watermelon, not paper towels to fix the hole.

The day before our party, I cut pineapples and melons with cookie cutters.  This was difficult, as the melons were tiny and the cookie cutters were big, so I ended up cutting some shapes out freehand with a knife instead.

I cut the flowers out of the centers of two halves of a melon and stuck them to the cake with two wooden skewers.  I used about ten toothpicks to stick the other fruits to the cake on its sides and then just covered the cake tray with extra pieces of fruit.

The cake was a hit and when it was finished we ended up juicing the extra watermelon for drinks and popsicles.
It was fun to make and fun to eat.  I will definitely be making watermelon cake again.

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