Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are You My Mother Themed Birthday Party

For my son's birthday, we did an Are You My Mother theme since it was one of his favorite books last year and I had made all the preparations for the parties months in advance, knowing how difficult it would be once the baby was born.
We did a small party at home with our parents.

Luckily for me, there are only a few colors in Are You My Mother and brown is the most used.  I just drew the characters on pieces of cardboard from packages with crayon.  Since the cardboard is already brown, I just had to use white, yellow, red and black to add details.

I put the characters on the stairs in the morning and my son was really excited to see them as he came down for breakfast.

Unfortunately, his Are You My Mother phase ended a few weeks after I had made all these decorations.  This year, he moved on to Owl At Home so I let Owl join the party.  And luckily for me, owl is also brown so I just added detail to the cutout with white, orange, yellow and black crayon.

Our dessert was watermelon cake.
And the counters were decorated with the pom pon birds and nests I blogged about on Monday.

I made rennet-free goat cheese stuffed mushrooms to look like nests as well, and I put the Are You My Mother felties I had made last year into a nest too.
And here's the spread below: greek quinoa salad, salad with homemade fattoush dressing, stuffed mushrooms and watermelon cake.

It was a fun, simple party with decorations made by upcycling old yarn, felt and cardboard scraps.  And because the eyes and beaks weren't glued to the pom pons, they can be used in a different incarnation at future parties and the cardboard characters are also sturdy enough to last for years.


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