Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY Toys: Story Rocks

Story Rocks are an easy DIY project that lead to lots of fun, imaginative play with kids, and the main component in this toy is free!

Story Rocks or Story Stones are great ways to create prompts for children to use in story telling.  They help foster creativity and imagination.  Because they are made of rocks, be sure to supervise your children when using this toy if they are not old enough to safely use the rocks without getting hurt or hurting someone else.

1.) Start by gathering some rocks.  Flat ones work best but the majority of the ones I found in my yard were bumpy and porous and they still worked out fine.

2.) Wash your rocks with soap and water.

3.) Then it is time to paint them.  I used Crayola's Washable Kids Paint because that is what we had in the house.  Start with a white coat (or any other background color that you want to use).

4.) Once that dries, paint your story prompts on.  You can paint anything you want on these rocks.  The prompts can be separated by theme or you can just paint a variety of prompts and see where they take your child.
Woodland Theme: Magic wand, Fairy, Turtle and Mushroom

Ocean Theme: Boat, Whale and Octopus
India Theme: Snake, Peacock, Elephant and Tiger
Random Prompts: Flower, Witch, King and Sun
Random Prompts: Indian Girl, Boy, and Tree
Random Prompts: Rain, Moon, Apple and Leaf
Once the rock paintings dried, I outlined them with a Sharpie Fabric Marker.  And once that was all dry, I flipped the rocks over and did the whole process all over again on the other side.  Double-sided rocks just seemed more economical to me.  
One Side Of The Rocks
The Other Side Of The Rocks
This is a fun, easy-to-make project that leads to lots of entertainment on rainy days, and you can even play with them outside, allowing your story-teller to weave his or her tales while getting in some fresh air and taking in the environment around him or her.  And if you don't have any kids in mind to make these for, hey, it is still pretty fun to paint a rock.

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