Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nontoxic Toys: Tegu

Tegu makes fun magnetic toys that can be put together in creative ways.  These nontoxic wooden toys are made in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and a portion of their revenue goes towards reforestation efforts.  Since the toys do contain magnets, I always supervise my son when he plays with them.

Tegu blocks and cars can be purchased in stores and online, at retailers like Amazon.  Since they are pricey, I purchased the majority of our sets from  Tegu is only featured on Zulily a few times a year.  But if you look up Tegu on their site and click the red heart to be notified in advance of the next time Tegu is on sale there, you will get an email alert the night before Tegu is featured on Zulily.

Using the Endeavor Set, Prism and Maddy Micro Car, my son and I put together the following:

A person/robot

A person mowing the lawn



Peacock, Side View



Car driving through town

Dog and Cat

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