Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Play Food Tutorial: Bowtie Pasta and Chef's Hats

DIY play food is all the rage these days and it isn’t that difficult to make, even if you’re a sewing novice.  I put my beginner-level sewing skills to use this year making play food for my son, and as gifts for friends and relatives.


1.) A needle and good thread in various colors.  I like the quilter’s thread from JoAnn Fabrics because it is often on sale and it is strong enough to hold your creations together.


3.) A sharp pair of scissors.  Fiskars Razor Sharp scissors have a locking mechanism to prevent kids from cutting themselves if the scissors accidentally fall into their hands.  Available at Amazon and craft stores, they make cutting a breeze but they are incredibly sharp so be careful.  A few reviewers mentioned cutting themselves by mishandling the scissors while opening the package.

4.) Cotton fabric

I cut out two inch felt rectangles for my bowtie pasta.  I crimped the edges by cutting triangles out with my Fiskar Razor Sharp scissors.

Pinch the middle of each noodle in a "W" and then just sew a couple times back and forth through the pinch to complete your bowtie pasta!

For the chef's hats, I followed this tutorial with cotton fabric but since I don't know much about sewing, I skipped a lot of steps and just attached a circle of fabric to a strip of it, by pleating the circle.  I then added strips of fabric to use as ties so that the hats could be used over several years for a growing child.

These homemade toys cost a fraction of their in-store counterparts and kids love them.

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