Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pom Pon Bird Craft

Here is a simple pom pon craft.
I made the pom pons by wrapping old scraps of yarn around three fingers, several times.  
Then I wrapped the loose end around the bundle of yarn vertically and tied it.
Then I pulled the yarn off my hand and cut the loops and the pom pon was done.

Since I wanted to be able to reuse them for other crafts in the future, I cut scraps of eco-fi felt into eyes and beaks and just placed it on the pom pons.  Because they're felt, they stuck to the yarn easily.

I then took brown paper packaging material from some parcels, looped it into a circle and stapled it into a nest.  

Using this method, I was able to make nests of different sizes.

We used these nests to decorate an Are You My Mother-themed birthday party I will be posting about later this week.

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