Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Toys: Mouse Upcycled from Sweatpants

I made three stuffed animals for my kids out of an old pair of sweatpants that were too damaged to donate.
First I drew my mouse on the sweatpants with a Sharpie Stained Fabric Pen.

Then I cut the above shape out for the mouse's torso and up, cutting 1/4th of an inch around the drawing.  
I cut the pants out of an old pair of cotton pajamas.
I cut both shapes out in duplicate.  This is easily done because the sweatpants and pajama pants have two layers.
With the pants and body inside out, I sewed along the border, about 1/4th of an inch in.  I left the top of the pants open for stuffing and the bottom of the torso for stuffing and to attach the pants.

I turned the mouse back so he was no longer inside out and turned the pants the right way too.

I stuffed both with leftover cotton scraps.

I then attached the pants to the bottom of the mouse and sewed it shut with a blanket stitch.

I then cut out a shirt and bottom and a heart from Eco-Fi felt from JoAnn Fabrics and sewed them to the front with a blanket stitch.  I cut a light blue piece of felt out for the eye, a black piece for the nose and white for the teeth and sewed them on with a blanket stitch.  Then I drew a dot on the blue eye.

And with that, the mouse, named "Apple" by my oldest kid, was complete.

Here is the rest of the gang that I will be posting about in the upcoming weeks:

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