Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY Toys: Octopus

I made an octopus for my son out of two old 100% cotton shirts that were too damaged to donate.
I cut an oblong shape out of the purple shirt to make into the octopus' head.  It ends up being two layers because I cut through the front and back of the shirt for every piece of this toy.  The shirt already had a crown printed on it, so I cut around it to make sure it would be on the front of the octopus' head.  I cut out four strips through the front and back of the shirt for four arms.

 I then cut four strips out of the front and back of the pink cotton shirt to make into four more legs, of varying lengths.

Using a sewing machine, I sewed the eight tentacles shut on the two long sides (one short side will already be closed because the material is folded there).  I stuffed them with scraps of old cotton socks using a letter opener, and then sewed them shut on the fourth side (the open short side).

I then sewed the eight legs to the inside of the back of the oblong purple cutout.
I stuffed the head with more socks and cut out eyes from a pair of socks and sewed them to the front.  I used a Sharpie Stained fabric marker to draw the eyes on and then sewed the front piece of the head onto the legs and back of the head by hand, and the octopus was done!

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