Saturday, May 17, 2014

U-Konserve Food Kozies and Earth Day Barnraiser

Every day more than 20 million million single-use plastic sandwich bags get thrown into landfills in America.  Every day.  That figure is horrifying.

What can be done to decrease this number?  I've blogged about several stainless steel lunch options but they aren't for everyone.  I've had friends tell me their kids lose things at school all the time so they don't want to invest in stainless steel.  Others don't like the look or feel of it and prefer plastic.

Well, thanks to U-Konserve, there is a solution: Food Kozies.  The U-Konserve Food Kozy allows people who prefer plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks to use them without throwing them away.  You can see a quick 30-second video on their sandwich bag revolution here.

(Note: I received complimentary products for this post but the opinions are mine).

The Kozies are made from LDPE #4 plastic and nothing else.  There is no scary waterproof material to worry about, so no PFOAs.  And they are free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead.  Hooray!

You can find the Kozies at U Konserve's Kozy Store or at other online retailers such as Amazon.   (And right now they are on sale at Zulily!  I just bought some more 33 oz containers and Kozies to give as gifts).  The Food Kozies come in 2-packs in 2 sizes (15.5" and 13.5"), in a variety of colors, and are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags for sandwiches, leftovers and snacks.  And when you unwrap the Kozy, it can even serve as a place mat.

I was excited to try mine out.  We use Trader Joe's Organic Wheat Bread.  The slices are larger than your average loaf of sandwich bread's but I had no problem wrapping my sandwich in a Kozy since the strips of velcro are long enough to make room for bigger slices of bread.

And hours later, when it was time to eat, the sandwich tasted fresh and as well-preserved as it would have been had it been in a single-use sandwich bag.  When I was all done, I rinsed the Kozy out and let it dry in my dish rack.  It was as easy as that to put an end to single-use sandwich bags.

The Food Kozy now also comes in an easy-to-carry snack bag too, (6 X 6.5") that I cannot wait to try out.

I was really impressed with my Food Kozy and with U-Konserve for yet another awesome, environmentally friendly product.

If you feel strongly about eliminating your usage of single-use sandwich bags, foil or wraps, check out U-Konserve's Earth Day Barnraiser.  To honor Earth Day, U Konserve wants to come out with a Butterfly-themed Kozy, to represent the fragility of our ecosystem.  The designs are complete.  They just need help raising $6,000 or their stretch goal of $12,000 for their Tiger design (also representing the fragility of our ecosystem).

Some examples of the pledge amounts are as follows:

  • No gift if you just want to help.
  • $5+ gets you one special edition Earth Day is Every Day Food Kozy
  • $10+ 2 special edition Earth Day is Every Day Food Kozies
  • $20+ 4 special edition Earth Day is Every Day Food Kozies
  • $35+ 4 special edition Earth Day is Every Day Food Kozies, 2 8oz leak-proof stainless steel containers with green lids.
See all pledge amounts and their gifts here.  Some options even give you 30 food Kozies for your child's entire class!  What a great class gift and earth-friendly message to give.

Connect with U Konserve here:

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