Sunday, June 22, 2014

DIY Toys: Nesting Woodland Village

I made a cheap woodland village for my kids out of Eco-fi felt.

I wanted the toy to store easily and not take up a lot of space so I made the cylindrical houses three different sizes so they would nest inside each other for clean-up.  The white rectangle is just the full piece that is sold at stores like JoAnn Fabrics.  I made the tan one a few inches smaller and the dark brown one about an inch smaller than the tan one.  (Note the cylindrical houses are made of two pieces of felt of the same size so there are identical pairs of rectangles in white, tan and brown).

For the mushroom house, I cut out an oblong red piece of felt for the roof and a matching tan piece to go under the red.

I cut out white shapes for the top of the mushroom.

I then took Sharpie Fabric Markers and drew mushrooms and a window and door on one of the white rectangles.
I used a sewing machine to sew the two white rectangles together.
I then hand sewed the white circles onto the red mushroom roof and drew lines on the tan under-body of the roof to look like the underside of a mushroom cap.  I stuffed the roof with some extra felt scraps and then sewed it closed.
Finally, I hand sewed the two edges of the white rectangle together to make a cylinder and the mushroom house was done!

Using the same basic idea, I sewed the two tan rectangles together along all four sides with a sewing machine.  I then drew on one side with Sharpie Stained markers.
I then cut out a pair of flowers and sewed them together by hand with a blanket-stitch and sewed a yellow circle to the center.
And to finish the house I sewed the two ends together by hand to make a cylinder.

For the tree house, I drew lines on one brown felt rectangle to look like bark.  I then machine sewed the two brown rectangles together alongside their borders.
I then cut out a pair of green leaves, drew veins on one side of them and hand sewed them together with a blanket stitch for the roof.
Finally I hand sewed the edges of the trunk together to make a cylinder and it was done:

Here is a picture of the three houses nesting inside each other.  The woodland people and animals I made for this village (and will blog about this week and next) also fit inside the smallest brown cylinder and then the three roofs just stack on top for easy storage.

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts.  Coming up: the rest of the Woodland Village animals and people, How to Help Pollinators, Toxin Toxout, and free books!

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