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Review: bring it Bags

bring it Mandala PET bags, Valencia 12 Pack Small Produce Bags, Honeydew Valencia Produce Bag and Cantaloupe Valencia Produce Bag
I had the opportunity to try out several bring it bags recently.
(Note: I received complimentary products for this review but the opinions are mine).

I was already a fan of bring it's designs, having purchased this bring it jute bag from Zulily last year:

You can see more Jute designs here.

bring it Bags are stylish, reusable bags made from recycled and sustainable materials.  They can be used at the grocery store, farmers' market, the beach, work, etc.

bring it selects product materials based on two criteria:
1.) It should be made of post-consumer and/or industrial waste
2.) It should have a low environmental impact

Based on that criteria, bring it uses the following materials:
Jute: a rain-fed vegetable fiber that grows in abundance and needs a minimal amount of pesticide or fertilizer during farming/processing.
PET, made primarily of reclaimed plastic bottles.

And, according to their packaging, bring it donates a portion of every purchase to non-profit organizations.

The PET bag from bring it was really cute and large enough to hold lots of produce.  This is the Mandala Print design.  To see all the designs available in their PET bags, click here.

From L to R: 11 of the 12 bags, a bag closed with the drawstring pulled tight, and the bag the 12 bags were packaged in.
Next I tried out the small Valencia Produce Bags, which come in a 12 pack.  These 8" X 12" bags are made from 60% recycled plastic bottles.  They come packaged in a smaller mesh bag that you can use to carry your produce bags to the market or grocery store, or reuse as a produce bag too, or use it to hold other items.

I've seen some complaints online that they are too stiff but the bags I received were not stiff.  Because of the mesh material though, I'm not sure how many years they will last for but they were strong enough to hold a couple mangoes, several kiwis, and heavier fruits like apples too.  And they come with 12 bags so you can easily take all to the store if you purchase lots of produce, or you can keep some for later to replace any lost or damaged ones in the future, or you can split the pack up among all shoppers in your family.  The bags are even machine washable in case you get some sap or mashed produce stuck in the netting.  While I didn't try machine washing them, I did hand wash them and they held up just fine.

The Valencia line also has two larger mesh bags in a bright orange (Cantaloupe) or vibrant green (Honeydew).  They are machine washable, self drying and 12" X 14."  100% of these reusable bags come from plastic bottles left behind.  These sunny bags have a drawstring loop to close them and can fit quite a lot of produce in them.

I was able to fit all three of the smaller netted produce bags with kiwis, apples and mangoes into the larger Cantaloupe Valencia Produce Bag.

The Cantaloupe and Honeydew Valencia Produce Bags even come packaged with this handy orange door hanger to remind you to take your bags with you.  You can hang it on your front door or door to your garage to remind you to grab your bags before you head out.

Overall these bags were easy to use, easy on the eyes, and very functional.

Where to find Bring It bags:
Amazon, Zulily (click on the heart to be notified of the next time bring it is featured on Zulily), and other online retailers.

Connect with Bring It:
Their Website

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