Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY Play Money: Dollars and Rupees

After purchasing a cash register toy for my son, I was in need of some play money.  So I made some felt rupees and dollars.  Here's how:
PlanToys Cash Register With Some Felt Rupees
1.) Cut out rectangles to form your bills.  
2.) Using a contrasting color, cut out numbers.
3.) Sew around the edges with a blanket stitch to make them look more finished.
4.) Sew the numbers to your bills.  I used a running stitch to do this.

5.) I drew the dollar signs and rupees symbols onto the felt with a ballpoint pen and then just used a double threaded running stitch to go over them.  You could also cut out your currency's symbol out of felt and sew it on as well or draw it on with a fabric marker like Sharpie's Stained markers.

This was a simple toy to make but if sewing isn't your thing, you could just cut rectangles out of felt and draw the denominations on them with a fabric marker.  I just sewed the rectangles together to make the dollars and rupees a little sturdier for playing with.

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