Sunday, July 27, 2014

Green Stacking Toys, Pounding Toys and Shapes

My son had a blast with the PlanToys Punch and Drop when he was younger.  I did have to supervise him because of the mallet and when he got into a throwing phase I had to temporarily hide this toy because the wooden balls are heavy and could cause some damage if they hit a window or a person.

The PlanToys Shape and Sort is a fun little shape sorter that can help your kids learn the three basic shapes it comes with.  When my son was younger his favorite part of the toy was the blue lever that makes the shapes drop down but he eventually began to figure out how to get the shapes to fit into their spots.

PlanToys Cone Sorting is a great toy that can grow with your young child.  When I first gave it to my son I removed several of the inner pieces, (not pictured here, but you can see them in the Amazon link), because they were smaller tubes that he could choke on or get hurt by if he had fallen on them.  I eventually introduced them as he got older and they allowed the toy to be formed into several shapes other than the basic cone.

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