Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green Toys: Pretend Play

These wooden toys are great for pretend play.

The PlanToys Tool Belt set is a wooden tool set that comes with measuring tape, a wrench, screwdriver, hammer and a water measuring tool with a tiny plastic ball in a see-through window that will sit in the center of the window when the tool is level.  If your child puts things around his or her neck you will of course need to be careful with the measuring tape.

The PlanToys Camera is a kaleidoscope that can be turned with the blue wheel in the lens.  Unfortunately when my child dropped the camera, the kaleidoscope popped out of the camera.  I had to glue it back on and it has fallen out a couple more times since then but my son still liked playing with it.  After several such incidents, the kaleidoscope piece is now lost but it is still one of my son's favorite toys, even though the lens now falls out regularly.

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