Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY Toys: Brush Your Teeth

Here is a really simple toy that I made to get my son to have less resistance when we were brushing his teeth.

I just drew a mouth and a toothbrush on a scrap of cardboard, cut them out and colored them in with crayons.

We also got the books Pony Brushes His Teeth and Brush, Brush, Brush! to help with the process.  My son wasn't too into those books but he did use the cardboard toothbrush to brush his stuffed animals' teeth. 

You could make the mouth on a much larger piece of cardboard too to have fun brushing giant teeth.  You can also use the toy in any size to teach your child the names of the front teeth.  This do-it-yourself toy just takes a few minutes to make and can be educational, fun, and even helpful in getting your child used to brushing his or her teeth.

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