Sunday, August 3, 2014

DIY Toys: Sky or Sea Sorting Game

You can make a simple sorting game for toddlers using felt or paper. I used Eco-fi felt.
In this example, we sorted objects depending on if they belonged in water or in the sky.

For water, I cut out shapes for fish, a shark, a crab, a sailboat and an octopus.

For the sky, I cut out shapes for an airplane, hot air balloon, helicopter, bat, cloud, bird, moon and star.

You can use any safe containers for your child to sort the shapes into.  I just used a cardboard box and its lid and put a little rectangle of felt against each to make it clear to my son that one container was for water and one was for the sky.

As your child ages, you can make several variations of this game with more bins to sort into and more subjects.  Some examples include land or the ocean or the sky, extinct or existing animals, mammals or birds, books by author or fiction and non-fiction, fruits or vegetables, fictional animals or real ones, lowercase or uppercase letters, fractions or whole numbers, even or odd numbers, prime numbers, multiples of numbers, the possibilities are endless.

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