Sunday, August 31, 2014

Felt Shiva

Here is the next felt character in Ganesh's family: Shiva or Shankar.

1.) Cut out the following pieces:

Note: the body is in duplicate.

2.) Using black thread doubled, sew two eyes and a mouth onto the front of the face.  Use the same black thread and some white thread for the tikka
3.) Using the same black double thread, sew two eyes onto Ganga's face.
4) Sew the two duplicate torso pieces together using a blanket or whip stitch.
5.) Sew the yellow outfit over the body.  Then attach the brown spots.
6.) Sew the black hair to the back of the head and the bun to the top of it.
7.) Sew the moon and Ganga's face, hair and the water onto Shiva's hair.
8.) Sew the three brown strips to Shankar's neck and wrists to make his rudraksha beads and you're all set!

Previous Indian Felt Characters:

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