Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Play Food Tutorial: Sandwich

I made this play food using cotton fabric and wool felt from Weir Fabrics.

I cut two circles out of the cotton fabric for each slice of the bun.  On one side of one of the pairs, I used an off-white thread to sew on sesame seeds.  I then sewed the pairs to each other, inside-out, leaving an inch open.  I turned the slices right-side-out and stuffed them with old fabric.  I then sewed the remaining inch opening shut and the bun was done.

I cut swiss cheese out of a yellow piece of wool felt.
I cut lettuce/spinach/kale/greens out of the green wool felt.
I cut tomato slices out of the red wool felt and then used a pink thread to sew triangles onto them.
I just cut out a blob for ketchup and another one for mustard.
I sewed two shades of green together for a pickle slice and with yellow thread, sewed on some seeds.

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In the next few weeks I will be posting tutorials for making play food tacos and tea and fruits and vegetables.

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts.  Coming up in the next few weeks: more DIY toys, green toy recommendations, and more info on green products.

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