Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Felt Parvati

Last week I posted a tutorial on how to make a felt Ganpati, and earlier this week was Shiva.  Now it's time to make Parvati.

1.) Cut out the following felt pieces:

Note: the torso is in duplicate.

2.) Using black thread doubled, sew two eyes and a mouth onto the front of the face, and red for the bindi.
3) Sew the two duplicate torso pieces together using a blanket or whip stitch.
4.) Fold the yellow skirt part of the sari in half, around Parvati's waist.  Sew the three open sides of the skirt closed.
5.) Sew the little green and yellow pieces on the right to the yellow sari pallo (the large sideways L-shape in the right of the picture). 
6.) Sew the green blouse to the front of the torso.
7.) Sew the yellow pallo over the front of Parvati, and drape it over her left shoulder as shown in the very first picture.  Sew the yellow pallo down its length to secure it to the body.  
8.) Sew the black hair pieces to the front of the head.
9.) Sew the yellow crown over the hair.
10.) Sew the gold jewelry on and you're done!

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