Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homemade Dragon Costumes

Last October for a Halloween costume birthday party, my husband, son and I were dragons.  Later, for Halloween, my dragon costume was placed on the dog and I donned a wig to become Khaleesi and my husband, son and Chihuahua Terrier mix were my three dragons.  It was pretty funny and the costumes were a breeze to make.  Did I mention they were cheap?

To make the dragon costume for my son, I bought a purple hoodie from the girl's section of Kohl's for $5.99 for my son's dragon costume.  Using an old shirt of my husband's, I cut two identical lines of triangles out, stuffed them with old fabric, sewed the two strips of triangles together, and then sewed it to the hoodie.  I made sure the triangles strip was long enough to extend well beyond the bottom of the hoodie, where the tail would eventually go.

 The tail was made by simply cutting off the sleeve of an old cotton purple shirt of mine and sewing it shut on one end.  I then stuffed it with more scrap fabric and sewed the other end shut by folding down the corners into a triangle tip.  I then sewed the tail to the bottom of the hoodie and sewed the remaining triangles to it.
Cut Sleeve

One end of the sleeve sewn shut to make the tip of the tail

For the adult costumes, we knew we wanted to not do anything permanent to the hoodies we owned.  In order to use them later minus the spikes, I just cut two strips of identical triangles out for each of the two hoodies, cut smaller triangles out of the old cardboard backings that come with the free notepads you get in the mail or at hotels, and then put one triangle into each cloth triangle pair to make the spikes stand straight up.
I sewed the fabric over the cardboard and then just safety pinned the triangles' strips to our sweatshirts so that they could be removed after Halloween.  
This also allows you to save the spikes and attach them to other hoodies in the future.

They were easy costumes to make and other than my son's, which need the purchase of a $6 hoodie, all materials were upcycled so they were practically free. 

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