Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Felt Krishna

Felt Hindu Gods make great Diwali gifts for young kids.  Here is how to make Krishna:

1.) Cut out the following felt pieces:

Note: the torso is in duplicate

2.) Using black thread doubled, sew two eyes and a mouth onto the front of the face, and red for the tikka.
3) Sew the two duplicate torso pieces together using a blanket or whip stitch.
4.) Fold the feet pieces in half and sew them together with a blanket or whip stitch.
5.) Sew the two yellow pants together using a blanket or whip stitch on the sides.  You will need to attach the torso at the waist to the pants and attach the feet at the points at the bottom of the pants.
6.) Use a running stitch to attach the hair to the back of the head.  
7.) Sew the yellow circle to the back of the hair and the triangle to the front to make the crown.
8.) Sew the three little pieces of green, yellow and blue, (in the upper left of the picture), to the front of the crown to make the peacock feather.
9.) Sew the two yellow bands to Krishna's wrists for his cuffs.
10.) To make the waist sash, sew the yellow piece, (pictured to the right of Krishna's waist), over the waist of the pants.  Then sew the three vertical scraps of felt (yellow, green and yellow) over the left side of the waist sash, at the smallest triangular point.
11.) Finally, sew the yellow sash diagonally over Krishna's right shoulder and you're all done!

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