Sunday, October 12, 2014

Homemade Costumes: Pig

For my son's first Halloween, I made him a pig costume.  He was Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, and our dog was Charlotte thanks to an old spider costume we had bought her years earlier that she patiently wears for about ten seconds before shaking it off her body.

I bought a pink shirt, footie and hat set from Target's baby girl section for around $10.

Using pink fabric scraps, I cut out two pairs of triangles to serve as the ears, and sewed them to the pink hat.

I cut a strip out of the fabric and sewed the two ends together to make a snout.  I then cut out a circle for the end of the snout and sewed to black dots on it before sewing it onto one end of the cylinder.  I then sewed the other end of it to the hat.

Finally, I cut out a pair of spirals from the pink fabric and sewed it together to make a tail.  I sewed that to the butt of the pants.

I then took a black double thread and sewed a cobweb and the words "some pig" onto the torso.  The outfit already had a silver butterfly on its chest so I drew and sewed the web around it to make it look like the butterfly was in the cobweb.  If sewing isn't your thing, you can just use a Sharpie Stained fabric pen to draw the web and words on.

And since I'm all about re-using here (ahem, or lazy), we are re-using that costume on the baby this year and my older child will be Templeton.  So look back here Thursday for an easy rat costume.

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