Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chalkboard Paint Birch Tree Mural Featuring Lullaby Paints Zero VOC Chalkboard Paint

My Chalkboard Paint Birch Tree Mural

After our painters were done painting our walls, ceiling and doors with Lullaby Paints' zero VOC primer, wall paint and wood paint, featured in my post last week, we had them paint a chalkboard wall, (check back next week for more information on that).  We still had a lot of chalkboard paint left so in addition to other projects which I will blog about in the upcoming weeks, (including chalkboard stairs and DIY chalkboards out of poster frames), I decided I wanted to make a birch tree wall mural using the remaining Blackest Black chalkboard paint.

Lullaby Paints Blackest Black Chalkboard Paint in its unique, environmentally-friendly packaging
 I first started drawing the birch trees on with pencil but then I realized it would be faster to just make the trees out of painters' tape.  So I got out my step ladder and began making the trees.  I wanted the birch trees to serve as a transition from the chalkboard wall on the left so I settled for six trees.  After outlining the trees, I tore bits of tape off and placed them perpendicularly to the trunk and stems as seen below:

I used a one inch brush from an old art set of mine to fill in the trees.

I started with the tree on the right, in case this turned out terribly and needed to be painted over.

I waited a few hours and then did the second coat.  A couple hours after the second coat was done, I removed the tape and was left with this adorable birch tree!

You can see a smudge of brown on the lower left of the tree.  For some reason the tape took off some of the wall paint there.  

I just used a small paint brush to go over that spot with more of Lullaby Paints' Sheep's Wool wall paint and all was well again.
Fairly confident that this wall mural was going to look great, I then filled in the rest of the birch trees.

And then I removed the tape.  There were some spots where the paint bled across the border of my tape so I used this tiny angled brush to fix the edges.

And I had one more spot with the trees to the left of the door where the tape removed the paint.  I just fixed it by painting more Sheep's Wool over it.

And the project was done!  Forgive the look of the doors there.  The painters still had to do a second coat.

Chalkboard Wall on the left, Birch Tree Mural, and Lullaby Paints Wall and Ceiling and Wood paint

And because the trees are made of chalkboard paint, you can prime a spot or two, (by rubbing the area with chalk and then smearing the chalk in so that future chalk markings are not permanent) and "carve" your initials or your children's initials into a heart or draw whatever graffiti you want on your mural and erase it.  I wanted the mural to be a dark black and not the smudgy gray look from being primed though, so I only did this in one small spot seen below.  (I don't post my kids' names on my blog so it is intentionally blurry but you get the point):

I absolutely love my birch tree wall mural.  This was a fun, fairly easy project made all the better by knowing I was using non-toxic chalkboard paint.

For more information on Lullaby Paints, check out my post from last week and visit their website to see all the different colors of chalkboard paint they have to offer!

As mentioned earlier, stay tuned in the coming weeks for posts on making a chalkboard wall with Lullaby Paints' Chalkboard Paint, making small chalkboards with their paint, chalkboard stairs, other chalkboard paint crafts, and an upcycle project with Lullaby Paints' boxes.
Chalkboard Stairs

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts.  

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