Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY Cardboard Blocks

When we placed our large order for Lullaby Paints' zero VOC primer and wall, wood, and chalkboard paint, we didn't realize how many boxes we would be getting in the mail.

Those aren't even all the boxes.

It didn't feel right to recycle those boxes without getting more use out of them.  I looked at the white boxes and realized they would make perfect large scale cardboard blocks since they have a lid that tucks into the box to easily close.  And because they were white, we could paint them however we wanted to personalize them.  So my 2 year old son and I began painting a couple boxes a day with Crayola paint that was permanent and not washable, so hopefully the color won't rub off on our floor or kids' hands when they're playing with them.

Within a couple weeks, the boxes were done.

These simple boxes provided us with hours of fun as an art project when we painted and will now entertain the kids as blocks, until they fall apart.  It is a great way to give boxes used in shipping and packaging a few more incarnations before getting rid of them.

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