Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Dinosaur Playmat with Storage Pocket and Dinosaurs

I made a dinosaur playmat out of an old cotton shirt and felt.  Here's how:

1.) Cut the sleeves off an old t-shirt.

This will become your storage pocket on the back of the playmat to hold the dinosaurs in.

2.) Cut the armpits out of the shirt and cut down the length of the two sides so you have two pieces like this:

One of these became my dinosaur playmat.  The other became a farm playmat that I will post next week.  3.) Sew the unfinished edges of the shirt by folding over a tiny bit of the material and then sewing over it.

4.) Sew one sleeve to the back of the playmat.  You just need to sew the three unfinished sides down, leaving the hemmed end of the sleeve at the top (seen near the t-rex's head).

5.) I made three dinosaurs out of felt.  I cut two of the same shape out for each of their bodies, (two T-Rexes, 2 Stegosaurus, 2 Sauropoda) and sewed the matching pieces together using a whip stitch.  You can also use a blanket stitch.  I just drew on their faces with a ballpoint pen.  You could use a Sharpie Fabric Marker too to make sure the color doesn't rub off.

6.) Finally, I cut out shapes to make volcanoes, foliage and a pond.  You can just attach it to the shirt with a simple running stitch or use a sewing machine for something a little sturdier for play.  And if sewing isn't your thing, you can just cut the landscape shapes out and lay them down on the background of the shirt.

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