Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DIY Ocean Play Mat

Using an old sweatshirt as the base for this play mat, I sewed on seaweed from an old men's cotton shirt that wasn't wrinkle-free (to ensure there were no PFOAs in the shirt).  I made a merman and mermaid out of felt and the same green shirt that the seaweed came from.

I made a whale and fish out of other old men's shirts that weren't wrinkle free and an octopus out of an old cotton shirt of mine.  In all four instances, I cut my marine life shapes around areas which already had buttons sewn on, to save me the trouble of sewing on buttons or embroidering eyes onto the creatures.

I cut out the pocket from the same cotton blue men's shirt that the small fish came from and just sewed it to the back of the play mat to hold all the toys.

The treasure chest and patch of sand were made from old wool felt scraps.

This was a quick project that put old clothes to good use and the pocket on the back makes clean up a breeze and helps ensure small toys don't get separated from their sets.

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