Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Play Mat: Pond

I made a pond play mat out of felt and old cotton men's shirts that were not wrinkle-free, to ensure they did not contain any PFOAs.  The lilly pads are made from the same green shirt that I made seaweed from in the ocean play mat.  The reeds and lotuses are made from wool felt.
I cut out a pocket from the blue men's shirt and sewed it to the back of my mat so I'd have a place to store the toys and ensure they didn't get separated from the play mat.

I made a frog, duck, water snake and turtle for the play mat, leaving some lilies unattached on one side to allow the animals hiding spots during play.

This was yet another low cost, fun homemade toy that helps develop imaginations for children.  If you want to see more examples on this blog, you can search "DIY" in the search box on the upper right for fun homemade toys like a doctor's/vet's kit, play food, felt Hindu gods and mythological characters, a cardboard produce stand, card table forts, felt toys, other play mats and much more!

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