Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Green Toys: Barn Animals


My son loves the adorable PlanToys Farm Animals set.  Unfortunately, my dog does too.  She ate the head off the sheep and an ear off the mother cow.  I don't normally purchase leather products but I suspect I unintentionally did with this set, and the cow's ears are leather, since my dog was so attracted to them.  They are definitely not wood and may be synthetic leather.  Either way, thanks to my dog, the cow now just has one ear and our sheep lost its wooden head.  Since PlanToys didn't return my emails or calls, asking them how to purchase a replacement sheep, I ended up making a new head for the sheep out of wool felt that looked more like a donkey and thus "donkeep" was born.  The PlanToys set comes with a pig, a dog, (the only odd part of this set, in my opinion, since it doesn't really look like a dog), a mother cow and baby cow, and a sheep with removable velcro wool for shearing.  I found the cheapest deal on this set on Amazon last year.

Anamalz makes a line of poseable farm animals as well, available at and other online retailers.  Anamalz are made out of Chinese Maple wood.  The waste from the manufacturing process is given to a local farm to grow mushrooms.  The glue is formaldehyde free, the fabric is AZO free, and the paint is child safe, according to their website.  Purchased individually, they're pricier than the PlanToys set but just as cute.  Zulily has them on sale a couple times a year, where the toys are bundled and end up being cheaper than Amazon for the most part.  You can learn more about them here.

Holztiger also makes a line of heirloom farm animals, like the large cow in the picture above.  Unlike Anamalz, which is made in China, Holztiger is made in Europe but again, these toys are more expensive than PlanToys' farm animals since you are purchasing them individually.

My son loves all these farm animals and we are happy to support these green companies by purchasing their products.

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