Sunday, November 23, 2014


My aunt in the U.K. sent me these neat organic tea towels by Mibo.  These tea towels can be cut and sewn into stuffed animals, following the simple directions printed on the towels themselves.

Following the directions, I cut the animals out, sewed them, (you can use a sewing machine or hand sew them), and stuffed them.  I used the leftover tea towel remnants to stuff the giraffe but the scraps from all three towels only filled the giraffe halfway, so I just used old cotton scraps to fill the rest of the giraffe, penguin and lion.

Once filled, you sew close the section that was left open for stuffing, and your stuffed animal is done.

Front view

Back view

Here's a video demonstration of how to make the lion.

The tea towels come in a wide variety of animals, including a fox, owl, squirrel, gorilla, orangutan and tiger.

This was a fun project that resulted in toys my kids really enjoy.  While I assume Mibo can be easily purchased in the U.K., there aren't many retailers selling it here in America, but you can find it on Amazon and at select online retailers.

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts.  Coming up in the next few weeks: more DIY toys,info on green toys and products and more chalkboard paint projects featuring Lullaby Paints.

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