Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Farm Playmat With Storage Pocket

I made a farm playmat out of the other half of the t-shirt I used earlier to make my dinosaur playmat.
PlanToys Farm Animals and an Anamalz Ram and Pig enjoying the farm themed playmat.

It was an easy way to upcycle an old t-shirt that was too damaged to donate.  Here is how you can make one too.

1.) Cut the sleeves off an old t-shirt.

2.) Cut the armpits out of the shirt and cut down the length of the two sides so you have two pieces like this:

(One of these became my dinosaur playmat.  The other became the farm playmat).  
3.) Sew the unfinished edges of the shirt by folding over a tiny bit of the material on each side and then sewing over it.

4.) I made a rooster, hen and chick out of felt.  
Cut out two identical pieces for each of their bodies and sew the pairs together using a blanket stitch or a whip stitch.  Use a fabric marker to draw on eyes.

5.) Sew one sleeve to the back of the playmat.  You just need to sew the sides down.  Unlike the dinosaur playmat, because my rooster, hen and chick were such tiny wool felt animals, I cut a strip off the sleeve and sewed it down just above my pocket, to create a flap so it would be a little harder to lose the animals.

6.) Cut out the shapes for the farm landscape out of felt and sew them down.  I just used a simple running stitch.  My son really enjoys pretend-feeding his toy animals so for my farm mat I focused on food, making an apple tree, orange tree, lemon tree, pumpkin patch, corn, wheat, a pond to drink from, and bushes with grapes, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  If you don't want to sew anything and don't have a child who could choke on the small pieces of felt, you could cut out the pieces and just lay them flat on the shirt as well and store everything in a larger pocket on the back.

We have a lot of fun with this playmat and it was a good way to put an old t-shirt to use.

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