Sunday, December 28, 2014

Felt Dragon

My son had been asking for me to make him a dragon for a while now so last week I made this:

I started with a drawing, which I cut out of paper to trace on felt.

The green felt was just for the body so I cut the spikes and wings off before tracing and cut some of the belly off because it seemed to be too much for the toy.

I just used a ballpoint pen to trace the outline onto a folded piece of felt so that I would get a pair of dragons to sew together.

I then placed some more felt over the locations of the dragon's legs (in 2 layers so I get a pair of each limb to sew together) and drew some legs that seemed proportionate.

Just by luck, when I cut the last leg out I ended up with a shape that looked like wings so I decided to just use that pair to make the dragon's wings.

I then got a lighter green piece of felt and put it over the dragon to cut out the belly and underside of the neck.

I sewed the wings together and the legs together using a blanket stitch and sewed them to the front side of the dragon.  I then got out some felt scraps to make the fire.

And then I sewed the flame together.

I got out more scraps to make my dragon's spikes.  They were all cut in folded duplicates so that I could sew them together.

Next, I sewed two more little scraps of felt to the dragon's horns.

Then I sewed the body of the dragon together with a blanket stitch starting from the bottom of the dragon.

As I worked my way up I put the flame in the dragon's mouth and sewed one end of it between the two layers of the dragon's body.

 I sewed the dragon's head closed and then it was time for the spikes.  I simply put one end of each spike in between two layers of the dragon's neck, back and tail and sewed them in like so:

Before the dragon was totally sewn shut, I stuffed it with some old scraps of cotton, sewed the dragon closed and the toy was done!

Here is "Dragon the dragon" with some PlanToys peg people.

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