Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free Book: Nishi Goes to India

The e-book version of my new book, Nishi Goes to India, is free today through Wednesday, December 17th!  The book is also available in paperback but, unfortunately, I can't give that away for free.  So if you want the free version, be sure to toggle between the Kindle and Paperback buttons to get what you want.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can still read the e-book with the free Kindle app on your tablet, computer or phone.  Click here for more information.

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Nishi Goes to India was a fun project to work on.  As a first generation Indian-American child, going to India was always a time of great excitement and nervousness, as I was always self-conscious about speaking Marathi in front of my relatives.  I thought the feelings of being so similar yet so different from your relatives would be even stronger in the children of first generation Indian-Americans, and thus the idea for the book was born.

In Nishi Goes to India, Nishi is thrilled to go to India to meet her grandmother and the rest of her family.  But when she attempts to speak Hindi to her grandma, her cousins laugh at her.  Embarrassed, Nishi decides to only speak in English, even though her grandmother isn't well-versed in it, missing out on an opportunity to get to know her grandma better.  But a kind gesture from Nishi's grandmother changes things, and Nishi and her nani are able to forge a common bond despite the language barrier. 

The illustrations are done in watercolor.  I wanted to make sure to depict various Indian skin tones in the book, since I have found several children's books on India to have some skin-tone bias towards fairer skin types, and shadeism is not something I want my children to ever learn.  And if you have read my blog posts on The Huffington Post, like the one on the Lego Gender Divide or my son wearing pink, you know that I don't like genders to be defined by colors, so I made sure Nishi was never in pink and that her father wore a lot of pink.  There is nothing wrong with girls wearing pink, of course, but I wanted her to not just be in the more traditionally "girly" colors.  Here are some of the illustrations from the book:

Hope you enjoy the book!

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  1. Thank you so much for this book! I'll be sure to leave you a review!