Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Green Toys: Plan Toys Play Kitchen

I have found the best deals on these large scale PlanToys kitchen pieces to be on Zulily.  They come on sale a couple times a year there, so make sure you search for the brand on their site, and click the red heart next to it so the button says "notify me," to get an email the night before the sale.  Sometimes these items can sell out fast on Zulily so when I was initially in the market for a play kitchen I made sure to check it out right when the sale started at 9 a.m. EST.  

Pictured above are the PlanToys dishwasher and their pink stove mentioned in my earlier post on boys wearing pink.  The stove is a lot of fun on its own but I also purchased the PlanToys dishwasher because with a little imagination it can double as an oven too, and I was advised by a friend with older children that a sink and faucet get a lot of use in a play kitchen.  I'm glad we listened to her because my son and his friends really enjoy both pieces in this kitchen.

We adore the food and beverage set, (consisting of ketchup, juice, milk, jam, honey and bottled water, which we pretend is oil instead), but aren't crazy about the tea set.  Both sets were purchased on Amazon but the tea set was a little pricey and several of the pieces, like the sugar cubes, wooden tea bags and stirring spoons are way too tiny for younger children to play with.  The box does say ages 3 and up but if you have a younger sibling in the house, you might want to keep the smaller items boxed up until everyone is old enough to safely play with them.  (I ended up sewing cloth teabags to be used with this set instead, pictured here).

There is a PlanWood alternative to the PlanToys wooden tea set that is cheaper and made of the same yellow and green dyed planwood seen in the dishes below.  It wasn't out when I first bought my children's tea set but I wish I had purchased it instead.

I found the PlanWood tableware to be a good deal as well, when I purchased it last year.  The green and yellow naturally dyed set comes with two bowls, two cups, two plates, two spoons, two knives and two forks.  I purchased the set from during a PlanToys sale.  They generally have a big sale on PlanToys a few times a year, including the weekend of Black Friday.

Our kids spend hours a day being entertained by this play kitchen and its accessories so we are happy with our purchases.
For easy DIY playfood from felt, see my tutorials below:

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