Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Green Toys: Fine Motor Skills

Here are some neat, green toys that use fine motor skills.
1.) PlanToys Geo Beads are a great early stringing toy.  Although I always supervise my son when he is playing with this toy, because of the string, it is nice to know there is a safety mechanism where a little plastic piece in the center of the string can be snapped in half to break apart to prevent strangulation.

The PlanToys Abacus is a good tool for counting, addition and subtraction but can also help develop fine motor skills earlier as kids try to maneuver the little beads.  The strings are some sort of synthetic material and I am not sure how they will hold up to tough pulling so I kept this toy away from my kids when they were too young to play gently with it.

Check back every Monday and Thursday for new posts, including more info on green toys and products and more DIY toys.  This Thursday I will post the last of the new Indian play food items: a felt samosa.

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