Sunday, January 18, 2015

Indian Play Food: Another Samosa

In my first post on Indian play food, I showed you how to make a samosa out of cotton fabric.  (I picked cotton fabric for our play food from the fabric store that did not say it is suitable for sleepware, thus ensuring it hadn't been sprayed with flame retardant).
This time I decided to make some out of felt.
For this easy play food samosa, just cut two identical triangles of tan felt and blanket stitch two sides together. 
Then stuff the triangles with cotton scraps or felt scraps.
To make it look like some potato and peas filling is peeping out of the samosa, just place some green and yellow scraps along the third edge and blanket stitch the samosa shut.
Finally, get some scraps of light green and brown felt and sew them to one corner of the samosa to look like it has been dipped in chutneys.
This just takes a few minutes and your samosa is done!

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