Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Indian Play Food: Masala Dosa

I was so honored to have made Apartment Therapy's list of Felt Food Tutorials with my previous post on how to make Indian play food.  The timing was perfect, as I had just finished making some more Indian play food for my kids.  This time, I focused on South Indian food, and another way to make a samosa.  (Look for the post on the samosa and one on idli sambar in the coming weeks).

To make the masala dosa, I started off with a scrap of tan felt that could look like a dosa when folded.  You can use a circle if you have enough felt.  Here is what I used:

I knew I could just hide the weird cut on the right by folding it under the rounded edge on the left.
Next I got some yellow scraps for my potato filling and a green one to look like cilantro or pepper, and sewed the green felt onto the yellow.  I then used a double thread of brown to make a couple long cumin stitches and a double thread in red to make some red chili specks, and my masala was done.
All I had to do next was sew the potato filling into the dosa.  I did so with tan thread so it wouldn't show on the outside of the dosa, with a running stitch.
Then I folded the dosa the way I wanted it to look and used a blanket stitch with tan thread to hold it in place and the masala dosa was done and ready for my kids to play with in their play kitchen!

Coming up:
A felt samosa

idli sambar (and the masala dosa)

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